Moduli fotovoltaici

Photovoltaic panels

High efficiency monocrystalline high-density photovoltaic panels. Guaranteed module performance and short payback times. We have chosen the best photovoltaic module manufacturers to ensure the best possible quality.

Canadian solar
Pannelli fotovoltaici monocristallini 530 W ~ 555 W

Hiku6 Mono PERC

High performance monocrystalline
530 W ~ 555 W

Moduli fotovoltaici monocristallini 395 W ~ 420 W

Hiku6 Mono PERC

Monocrystalline photovoltaic modules
395 W ~ 420 W

Pannelli fotovoltaici N-type ad eterogiunzione


Pannelli fotovoltaici N-type
ad eterogiunzione 420 W ~ 445 W

Pannello fotovoltaico 390-410W AU-108MH


Pannello fotovoltaico 390-410W
AU-108MH half-cut

Pannello fotovoltaico 440 ~ 460W Austa AU-120MH


Pannello fotovoltaico 440-460W
AU-120MH half-cut

Pannelli fotovoltaici Phonosolar Twinplus 395-415W


Pannello fotovoltaico 395-415W
ad alta efficienza mono-perc

Phonosolar Twinplus X

Twinplus X

Pannello fotovoltaico 395-415W
a semicella senza taglio