moduli fotovoltaici

FU 420 / 425 / 430 M ZEBRA Pro

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module

High efficiency back contact photovoltaic panels by FuturaSun

ZEBRA Pro is the new series of back contact photovoltaic modules with even higher powers, up to 430 Wp. 132 high-efficiency 166 mm (M6) IBC cells are assembled with an innovative narrow-spacing cell layout.

This high-efficiency photovoltaic module is characterized by IBC technology (Interdigitated Back Contact) with electrical contacts located on the back. The position of the contacts on the back and the absence of ribbon keep the cell free avoiding the formation of shadows for maximum light absorption.

ZEBRA Pro is particularly suitable for residential installations and in contexts of high architectural value.

The excellent technical characteristics of this superior level product guarantee high performance in terms of gain over the years. ZEBRA Pro is therefore the ideal module also for large rooftop or ground-mounted systems where you want to maximize performance.

FuturaSun FU420 430M Zebra Pro
132 cells IBC half-cut


Advantages of the new ZEBRA Pro back contact photovoltaic panel

  • Maximum decay 0.25% per year
  • 132 half-cut cells N-Type IBC – Interdigitated Back Contact
  • Innovative Zebra technology developed in Europe
  • High module efficiency up to 21,60 %
  • Excellent temperature coefficient -0,29%/°C
  • Market leading power stability over time (93% at the 25th year)
  • Low Hot-Spot risk thanks to the distributed junction of the cell
  • 2 independent section design secures a higher energy yield in case of shading and minimize the need of optimizers
  • Resistant to LID (Light Induced Degradation) and LeTID (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation)
  • Half cut design reduces internal resistance increasing power output
  • No shading on the cell thanks to IBC tecnology
  • Improved low light performance
  • Better yield with various tilts
  • PV module with reduced carbon footprint
  • Product Liability insurance


Module ZEBRA ProFU 420 M ZEBRA ProFU 425 M ZEBRA ProFU 430 M ZEBRA Pro
Module Power (Pmax)W420425430
Open circuit voltage (Voc)V45,9146,0146,13
Short circuit current (Isc)A11,6611,7611,87
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp)V38,7438,9739,16
Maximum power current (Impp)A10,8510,9110,99
Module efficiency%21,3321,5821,84
Standard Test Conditions STC: 1000 W/m2 – AM 1,5 – 25 °C – Tolerance: Pmax (±3%), Voc (±4%), Isc (±5%)

Module Power (Pmax)W316320324
Open circuit voltage (Voc)V44,0044,1044,20
Short circuit current (Isc)A9,429,499,57
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp)V36,2036,4036,60
Maximum power current (Impp)A8,738,808,86
Nominal Module Operating Temperature NMOT: 800 W/m2 – T=42 °C – AM 1,5

Operating specification

Temperature coefficient Isc%/°C0,046
Temperature coefficient Voc%/°C-0,246
Temperature coefficient Pmax%/°C-0,290
NMOT *°C42 ± 2
Operating temperature°CFrom -40 to +85
*Nominal Module Operating Temperature

Technical specification

Dimensions1895 x 1039 x 30 mm
Weight20,9 kg
GlassHigh transmission, Low iron, Tempered, ARC, Transparent, 3.2mm
Cell encapsulationPOE (Polyolefin)
Cells132 monochrystalline hat-cut IBC cells 166 x 83 mm
BacksheetComposite multilayer film
FrameBlack anodised aluminium frame with mounting and drainage holes
Junction boxCertified according to IEC 627790, IP68 approved
CablesSolar cable, length 1400mm or customized
assembled with MC4-compatible plugs
Maximum reverse current (Ir)20 A
Maximum system voltage1500 V
(1000 V on request)
Mechanical load (snow)Design load: 3600 Pa
5400 Pa (including safety factor 1.5)
5400 Pa (incluso fattore di sicurezza 1,5)
Mechanical load (wind)Design load: 1600 Pa
2400 Pa (including safety factor 1.5)
Protection classII – accordance to IEC 61730
Note: all data and specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice