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FU 400 / 405 / 410 / 415 M SILK® Plus

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module

410 watts – 108 cells – MBB half-cut

SILK® Plus is a new series of monocrystalline solar panels with high efficiency 182 mm PERC cells. The module configuration with 108 cells and a power of 410 Wp is perfect for residential and commercial installations. The FU400-415M SILK® Plus photovoltaic panel stands out for the high efficiency of the module up to 21.25%, its reduced dimensions of 1722x1134x30 mm and its excellent thermal coefficient of – 0.35% / C ° which ensures high performance even in cases of hot days with high operating temperatures.

The 108-cell configuration is available also in total black version with black back sheet and black frame and a bigger version with 144 cells with power from 530 to 555 Wp, for commercial installations and utility scales.

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  • Large area PERC cells 182 mm 
  • Alta High module efficiency up to 21.25 % (108 cells) del modulo fino a 21.25 % 
  • Less shades and more reflected light to the cell thanks to the round ribbon 
  • 2 independent section design secures a higher energy yield in case of shading grazie alle 2 sezioni indipendenti del modulo
  • Lower risk of hot spot and micro cracks 
  • Half cut design in combination with multi busbar reduce operating current and internal resistance
  • Weight: 20.8 kg, easy to install
  • NEW: Product liability Insurance included
  • ...


Silk Plus moduleFU 400 M SILK® PlusFU 405 M SILK® PlusFU 410 M SILK® PlusFU 415 M SILK® Plus
Module Power (Pmax)w400405410415
Open circuit voltage (Voc)V37,1337,2437,3537,46
Short circuit current (Isc)A13,7513,8213,8913,96
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp)V31,0131,1831,3631,55
Maximum power current (Impp)A12,9012,9913,0813,16
Module efficiency%20,4820,7421,0021,25
Standard Test Conditions STC: 1000 W/sqm – AM 1,5 – 25 °C – tolerance: Pmax (:t3%), Voc (:t4%), /se (:t5%)

Module Power (Pmax)w300304308312
Open circuit voltage (Voc)V34,9735,1135,2435,37
Short circuit voltage (Isc)A10,9411,0311,1211,21
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp)V29,1929,3629,5326,69
Maximum power current (Impp)A10,2810,3610,4310,51
Nominai Module Operating Temperature NMOT: 800 W/m2 – T=43 °C – AM 1,5

Operating specification

Temperature coefficient Isc%/°C0,05
Temperature coefficient Voc%/°C-0,27
Temperature coefficient Pmax%/°C-0,35
NMOT *°C45
Operating temperature°CFrom -40 to +85
*Nominal Module Operating Temperature

Technical specification

Dimensions1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
Weight20,8 kg
GlassHigh transmission, Low iron, Tempered, ARC, Transparent, 3.2mm
Cell encapsulationEVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Cells108 celle monocristalline MBB PERC half-cut 182 x 91 mm
BacksheetComposite multilayer film
FrameAnodized aluminium frame with mounting and drainage holes
Junction boxCertified according to IEC 62790, IP 68 approved, 3 bypass diodes
CablesCavo solare, lunghezza 1100 mm o personalizzata con connettori MC4 compatibili
Maximum reverse current (Ir)25 A
Maximum system voltage1000 V
(1500 V on request)
Mechanical load (snow)Design load: 3600 Pa
5400 Pa (including safety factor 1.5)
5400 Pa (incluso fattore di sicurezza 1,5)
Mechanical load (wind)Design load: 1600 Pa
2400 Pa (including safety factor 1.5)
Protection classII – accordance to IEC 61730
Note: all data and specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice